World of Tim
   Hello, and welcome to the world of Tim. Here you can find out about my favourite Facts, my weird Fiction, and my strange Thoughts. If you're a busy person, then your life will probably be improved most efficiently by visiting the Important Facts Everyone Should Know page.
   I also have a sensible but underdeveloped housepage, I'm co-creator of the webcomic (which is now finished), and am currently producing Devil May Dance, a Devil May Cry / Space Channel 5 crossover comic. I also have a deviantart page which gets updated fairly often.

'Recent' Updates:
1st May 6: After perhaps half a decade, I've finally made my Passing Patterns page! Coming soon - self-referential page revamp!
29th July 5: The internet had no record of the Impulse "Icarus' sister" ads... until now!
17th April 5: The self-referential updates continue.
4th December 4: Too busy for this kind of silliness! Corrected some broken links though.
1st September 4: For completeness, the Bop-it FAQ now has scans of all the instructions!
11th August 4: Whoa, quite distracted these days. EuroMix2 FAQ tweaks is all.

If stuff on this page goes/is bad and/or you have comments/suggestions, e-mail me at and this might have some effect, depending on what you say!
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