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CircuSoc Newsletters 1998


Relevant News:
Welcome to another great year of fun juggling with the greatest society named Circusoc in Bristol University. So far, and somewhat unsurprisingly, we haven't done much atall. 50 people signed up at Fresh, and if you want to know who your fellow jugglers in-hall are, Mandy can give you the details.

Irrelevant News:
Nick went to Switzerland this summer and met loads of foreigners. Tim got an inflatable chair and a new giraffe specially imported from Africa. Ross cooked my dinner this evening and it was really nice. James wants to be Frank, and plans to evade council tax by pretending to be a dog.

The Committee:
J PRESIDENT: Nick Mayer e-mail: nm5837 tel: 94 666 85
J SECRETARY: Mandy Dorn e-mail: ad5672 tel: non-existent
J TREASURER: Ross Remnant e-mail: rr7299 tel: 94 66 281
J GIRAFFE BREEDER: Tim Mannveille e-mail: tm7963 tel: 946 628 1

Dates for your Diary:
2-5pm in the Phyzzzz bar every week, followed by the pub.

In the Union: 11th October 4-6.30 in the Avon Gorge Room (6th floor)
18th October 4-6.30 in the Anson Rooms
25th October 4-6.30 in the Anson Rooms
1st November 4.30-7 in MR1, opposite the Anson Rooms
8th November 4.30-7 in MR1, still opposite the Anson Rooms
15th November 4-6.30 in the Avon Gorge Room (6th floor)
22nd November 4.30-7 in MR1, still opposite the Anson Rooms
29th November 4-6.30 in the Anson Rooms
6th December 4-6.30 in the Anson Rooms

Sunday Workshops:
Tim's Balls: on the 18th
Diablo with Laura and Stu: mid-term ish maybe. We think. Ask for details somewhen in the temporal vicinity of mid-term.
Beginner's Club Passing with Tarim and Nick: late November

We have a union grant and membership fees to spend on equipment and socials. If you have any good ideas then let the committee know.

There will be a Christmas meal, and laserquest, ice-skating or pub-crawls, if people are interested.

Fire Juggling:
If you'd like to have a go, ask us when its going on. We will be doing a few practices on the Downs, and occasionally select groups do fire shows for hall-balls.

Well that's all folks...... .....See you on Wednesday


This is the term that will be:
Wednesdays as usual of course - it's the after lunch until just before dinner session.
Sundays In the Union:
24th Jamuary 4-7pm Avon Gorge
31st Jamuary 4-7pm MR 1
7th Feburary 3-6pm MR 1
14th Feburary 3.30-6.30pm Anson Rooms
21st Feburary 4-7pm Anson Rooms
28th Feburary 4-7pm Anson Rooms
7th Marsh 4-7pm Anson Rooms
14th Marsh 4-7pm Anson Rooms

21st Marsh Lunchtime picnic, Royal Fort Gardens (Riot if they don't let us in)

Nothing ever happens on a Tuesday. (Tuesday!)

Advance warning:
Star Wars Episode 1, the Phantom Menace, is scheduled for UK release on July 16th.

Fire Juggling:
We should have some fire shows later on in the term, so if your interested turn up to our next practice (if it's not raining) next Wednesday (27th) in Royal Fort Gardens at 7 p.m. ish, after juggling.

Vol 2. Circusoc Times

Relevant News: er.... I'm not sure whether there is any.

Irrelevant News:
James had his yearly bath yesterday. In some countries, people of opposite sexes are allowed to get married. The average person in Britain can juggle 5.82 balls, blindfold. Ross continues to show Gary Rhodes how it's done. Tim's mum baked a yummy cake. Our light switch is broken because Nick walked on it. Jamie's tea is ready.

PRESIDENT: Its still Nick! nm5837 Assistant Sandra Bullock Admirer.
SECRETARY: Mandy ad5672 is one fish short of ten fish.
TREASURER: Ross rr7299 who is currently having his legs shortened.
CAT SKINNER: Tim tm7963 Chief Sandra Bullock Admirer.

External Events: Some of us will probably be going to some of these events, maybe.
February 14th-21st 15th Hawaiian Juggling Festival. In Hawaii.
March 20th Taunton Juggling Convention
April 8th-11th British Juggling Convention, Durham:
A long time hence in a city far,
far away....


Relevant News:
Well this is the last term of this year, and as you all know its chock full of hideous exams, and we all know the best thing to relieve your pre, post (and maybe during) exam stress is to have a good juggling session. This being summer, all our Wednesday Workshop activities take place in the great outdoors, just round the side of the physbar [see map], except maybe in the highly unlikely event of unpleasant weather, in which case we shall of course immediately retreat back indoors. There are a few Sunday Sessions organised, which we thoroughly recommend as they are all held in the mighty Anson rooms, where there's enough room to juggle 8 clubs (should you feel the need). Finally, just before Easter we had our AGM (Anti-Gravity Medicine), and we also elected a new committee:

The New Committee:
J PRESIDENT: Mandy Dorn e-mail: ad5672 tel: 9039412
J SECRETARY: Tim Mannveille e-mail: tm7963 tel: 946 628 1
J TREASURER: Ross Remnant e-mail: rr7299 tel: 94 66 281
NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS YET: "Juggler x" email: xx007 tel: 926 626 6

Irrelevant News: That was the longest Relevant News section we have ever had in the history of Circusoc ever before or since, past, present or future. James has confounded his critics by finding both sets of his keys, the first of which was originally reported missing in October. But by Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, this has been tragically counterbalanced by the sudden loss of both of his hats. Comic recommendations this term are: Danger Girl, Preacher and Ranma ½ from Nick, James and Tim respectively.

Dates for your Diary:
In the Union: 25th April 4-7 in the fantastic Anson Rooms
9th May 4-7 in the amazing Anson Rooms
13th June 4-7 in the hygrophanous Anson Rooms

Fire Juggling:
It's happened before, it'll happen again, but nobody knows why. Turn up on Wednesdays for rumours, myths and hearsay regarding its whereabouts, whenabouts and howabouts.

1) Crack this code and demonstrate the juggling pattern to us, and you could win a highly sought-after Double lolly:
yjtrr gpit yep
2) If you have two fuses of uneven thickness (i.e. random burning rates), each of which will burn for exactly one hour, how can you use them to time 45 minutes?
3) And finally, a proper juggling pattern: try to work out how to do 4 4 1. . . with chops!

This is not the end, this is merely the beginning of the bit before the end.

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