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CircuSoc Newsletters 1999


Welcome to CircuSoc! Welcome back to all you loyal members, and welcome forward to those of you who have just joined. Welcome sideways to anyone who feels left out already. Welcome.
Here at CircuSoc, we like to think that we cater for people of all abilities, from Can't-Catch to Gatto. But don't think that we like to think it just because we think that you would like to think we like to think things that aren't actually true, because that would be too complicated.

The Committee:
President: Mandy Dorn e-mail: ad5672 tel: 90 35872
Treasurer: Ross Remnant e-mail: rr7299 tel: 94 66 281
Secretary: Tim Mannveille e-mail: tm7963 tel: 94 66 281 (co-incidence. Or is it?)
????????: Tom McCoy e-mail: tm8462 tel: Ask him - you might get lucky. We didn't.

Dates for your Diary:
Wednesdays from 13th October right through to 15th December in the Physbar, deep beneath the Physics building, as usual. Room to swing several cats/clubs, depending on your inclination.

EVERY Sunday from 17th October all the way to 12th December, 4-7pm, ALL in the ANSON ROOMS! [this is really really good - room to swing several giraffes] With one notable exception 14th November, when things go mental and we have the rooms [we all know it's one room really] from 2:30-7pm.

Juggling Conventions:
We will be running a convention here at Bristol University:
Saturday, 13th November, in the Union, 10am-11pm.
This will involve lots of workshops and a great show - see the website for more details [No longer works - see - T.M. 14/12/2002]

Some of us will also be going to conventions at Manchester and Durham - if you are interested in joining them, come and see us.

Firstly, the clichéd but logical Pub Crawl, starting after the first Wednesday session (13th October) at 7pm in the Berkely and going on to some other places afterwards.
Towards the end of the term we'll have our traditional Christmas Meal - that's traditional as in we do it every year, NOT as in involving Turkey and sprouts and all that flapdoodle. But we might just do that for a laugh anyway.
In the betweentime we will have spontaneous socials, whereby someone will says 'lets go somewhere cool now/tomorrow/yesterday/Tuesday' and we do.

Fire Juggling:
We do it, it's fun and we will be organising some practice sessions somewhen soon probably on the Downs.

*Welcome /'welk'm/ n., int., v., & adj.: The act or an instance of greeting or receiving gladly; from the Welsh, 'Wellyc' and 'ume' - meaning, 'juggling' and, 'you should do it, you know it makes sense'.
No, really.


Everyone already knows everything and more than they want to know about the millennium, so we will say no more about it. Happy New Year to all our members and their pets anyway though. This term promises to be full of all kinds of thrilling juggling delights, and its never lied to us before so we have no reason to disbelieve it. Here is some history for our less experienced members: Anthony Gatto (pronounce with an American accent for full effect) became very famous for being a very good multiple-world-record-holding juggler, albeit a slightly American one. Then he got bored and became a landscape gardener (true!). This of course brought him crashing back down to the harsh real world that the rest of us inhabit, and the inevitable result was that he found he didn't have enough moolah to make more mulberries. So, he's gone back to his origins, and is performing for the UK at the 13th British Juggling Convention, being held this year in York at Easter. Book now to avoid the plague. Sorry, disappointment. People from the society will be sure to help you out with lifts etc.

The Committee:
President: Mandy Dorn e-mail: ad5672 tel: 90 35872
Treasurer: Ross Remnant e-mail: rr7299 tel: 94 66 281
Secretary: Tim Mannveille e-mail: tm7963 tel: Ask Ross.
Mystery Guest: Tom McCoy e-mail: tm8462 tel: Ask him - you might get lucky.
We did but we forgot to write it down.

Dates for your Diary:
WEDNESDAYS: from 19th January right through to 29st March in the Physbar, the most sane and geek-free area of the physics building, apart from the 8th floor of course. To get to the Physbar: go down, then West.

SUNDAYS: complicated this term, so please pay attention:
23rd Jan 4.30-7.30pm Anson Room
30th Jan 4.30-7.30pm Anson Room
6th Feb 4-7pm Great Hall, Wills Building (opposite the Berkeley) (Wahey!!)
13th Feb 4.30-7.30pm Anson Room
20th Feb 4-7pm MR5A*
27th Feb-
- 26th March 4-7pm Anson Room

Liverpool: Saturday 19th February
Shef:con 2000: Sunday 26th March
BJC2K at York: 13-16th April 2000.
Birmingham Circus Convention: Someday 29th April

After juggling on Wednesdays, we usually have dinner down the Berkeley, followed by random trips to local oddities such as The Cube and the Alma Tavern, to see weird stuff. So join us on Wednesday evenings for all the fun of juggling, without the balls.

Fire Juggling:
We still do it, it's still fun and we really will be organising some practice sessions somewhen soon probably on the Downs. Yeah.

Irrelevant News:
When at university, it is all to easy to become detached from the real-world of news and events, so we include this section of the newsletter sometimes to keep you all up to date with the stuff that people back home will expect you to know. For example, the privatisation of philosophy sounds as shocking to us as it did to our folks back home when they first heard about it, but by now they are all quite bored of the issue and are already installing Nitrogen-filters in their homes for obvious reasons. Also they may be interested to know that the recent winner of the Nobel Peace prize, Mr Nicholas Mayer, was the president of this very society not so long ago. He confided to us that he did not really deserve the prize - he had only received it due to an error in the post office, due to the uncanny similarity between his name and "Médecins Sans Frontières".
This is not true. But it could have been.

*Our president got a bit confused about this - when we quizzed her over it she simply replied, "Always in motion is the future"


Relevant News:
We know that this is the last term, and we know you all have lots of work to do, so what better way to take a break than go juggling. Juggling is good for the mind, the body, and the hair. (And your pets.) Juggling will still be happening every Wednesday outside in Royal Fort gardens at the side of physics - or in the Physbar in the inconceivable event of unpleasant weather. Later in the term the physbar will probably be used for exams, but the weather will be so nice it won't matter. The AGM will be held this coming Wednesday 17th May after juggling in the afternoon. So if you have any comments on how we could improve the society, how we should cut our pizza, or would like to run for a position on next years committee (the competition is already heating up for the position of 'President's back scratcher') then come along. If you are unable to make it, e-mail us with your comments.

Those of you that made it to the British juggling convention at Easter will almost certainly have had lots of fun, and the rest of you possibly don't mind, as you don't know what you missed out on. Hah!

Irrelevant News:
I'm sure you'll all be pleased to hear that the society turkey, Stuffy, is doing well, and didn't get eaten this Easter or even Christmas, again. There is a new theory going about that all beds should be moved at least once a fortnight, as there are over 600 juggling balls, over £14,007 of loose change and 13 burglars rumoured to be missing in South Bristol alone.
Quote of the month: "The first century was only 99 years long, strangely" - Pope Gregory XVIII.
Lego is making a big comeback, and a recent survey revealed that over three quarters of all people in their twenties have recently bought some.

The Committee:
J PRESIDENT: Mandy Dorn e-mail: ad5672 tel: 9035 872
J SECRETARY: Tim Mannveille e-mail: tm7963 tel: 946 628 1
J TREASURER: Ross Remnant e-mail: rr7299 tel: 94 66 281

Dates for your Diary:
Sundays, in the Onion: 14th May 3:30-6:30 Anson Rooms
21st May 4-7 Dance Studio
28th May Bank holiday - the Union was closed, according to time travellers.
4th June 4-7 Dance Studio
11th June 4-7 Dance Studio
18th June 4-7 Anson Rooms

Other vital Stuff:
Bye for now and have as much fun as is humanly possible (as that may be what life is all about).

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