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CircuSoc Newsletters 2000

[In which we tried to be normal so as not to scare people off]


Issue 1: Oct 2000

The Committee:
President: Ross Remnant
Secretary: Tim Mannveille
Treasurer: Caoilte O'Conner

CircuSoc Headquarters:
(0117) 9466281
Feel free to contact any of us about anything.

Meeting Dates this Term:
in the Anson Rooms
4pm - 7pm from 15th to 29th October
4:30pm - 7pm from 5th November to 10th December

Wednesdays: in the Physbar (Basement of Physics department, Tyndall Avenue)
2pm - 5pm every week
5pm - sometime: go to a pub usually the Berkeley

Introductory Meeting:
Sunday 15th Oct 4pm-7pm
in the Anson Rooms:
excellent venue for meeting the committee, learning to ride a unicycle, pass clubs etc.

Bob 2!
We are organising the second "Bristol's Other Bristol" juggling convention, to be held in the Union on Saturday the 18th of November

What can you Learn?
We have lots of equipment available, so even if you don't own any of your own you can come along and use ours

3,4,5 and more balls/clubs (also scarves or rings)
Passing clubs and balls between 2 or more people
Plate Spinning
Cigar Box Tricks
Devil Stick
Balloon Modelling

And possibly
Fire-juggling and
(all at your own risk)

But what if I already Juggle?
Then we give you the chance to practise your skills with like-minded people. Why not try passing clubs with someone, or even a whole bunch of people?
And remember, you can never know everything about juggling. We have several resident experts who will be able to teach everyone something.


Draft 1:
weds 2-5
sun 4-7

Draft 2:
Right, listen up you lazy little ungrateful bananas:
come and juggle every Sunday 4-7pm (except for the weird one)
Wednesday 2-5pm
its not hard!

Draft 3:
Attention esteemed members:
Just a quick reminder to say that juggling is proceeding much as usual this term, that is to say:
Every Wednesday at the Physics building in the physbar, 2pm-5pm
Every Sunday at the Union in the Anson Rooms, 4pm-7pm
(apart from Sunday 4th Feb as there is a martial arts competition on.)
We sincerely hope to see you all there.

{Tim I think we need to sell juggling more than this (above) but I cannot think of anything}

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