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I like puzzles!
There are many different kinds of puzzle, and although I prefer the kind that require more intelligence than knowledge, they can both can be quite fun, as I hope to now illustrate.

First, here is my ongoing quiz that I am evolving: intelligence is required a lot more than knowledge. Answers are not provided!

On the other hand, here is a collection of questions with traditional answers - in general, you can come up with a few answers using intelligence alone, but you might not be able to guess the 'traditional' answer, for various reasons. Because of this, the answers that I consider to be the most generally accepted are included at the bottom of that page.

The 'Zigzaw', aka 'Combinatorial Frogs', is an old jigsaw-type puzzle, invented by that Rubic dude. It resembles a colleciton of Rubic's cubes, and is composed almost entirely of frog-shaped pieces. Once I was sure I had all the pieces, I assembled mine on 26th June 2001 and took this photo to record it - it is quite pretty!

Self-referentiality is also a sort of puzzling thing.