Traditional-Answer Questions

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There are quite a few puzzles which could clearly have more than one answer, but it is often 'traditional' for just one of them to be considered right. Here are a few such questions, and at the bottom of the page, their associated canonical answers.
(I used to have more than this, but I lost them! Wah! If you know any more, let me know at

a) How long is a piece of string?
b) How many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?
c) What is the difference between a duck?
d) How far can a dog run into the woods?
e) Brothers and sisters have I none, but my father's brother is my mother's son... what am I?
f) What do you get if you cross a road with a chicken?
g) How many shirts can you fit in an empty wardrobe?
h) What is the difference between a a can of beans and Father Christmas?
i) How many months have 28 days?
j) How many beans make 5?






a) Twice as long as half its length.
b) Fish.
c) One of its legs is both the same.
d) Half way - after that, the dog is running out of the woods.
e) I can't remember what on earth this one is going on about any more.
f) To the other side. (But I also like, 'A road that is very annoyed with you and the chicken')
g) None. As soon as you put one in, it isn't empty any more.
h) Neither of them has a beard, except Father Christmas.
i) All of them do! Why, some have 28 days and then some.
j) One bean, half a bean, bean-and-a-half and two beans.