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[The original made use of 'tabs' to denote certain sub-paragraphs, but I can't work out how to do that in html! Sorry! It still reads okay I think. - TM15/8/2]

Shaman say, water: water good.
Like water. Water is me: Big. Scary. Poking cold fingers.
Shaman say, ocean: ocean-food, good when hot.
Ocean-food is fish. Fish is me. Fast swim-like, smooth skin-like.
Shaman say, hairy men: hairy men bad.
Hairy men die, kill, kill, die.
Hairy men bad.

We swim in home. Ocean home.
Hairy men dumb like shells. Die in water easy.
I kill. I kill in water easy.
I kill fish. Seal. Eel. Bad men.
All bad men, I kill.
I have good nose, shaman say: I kill.
Hairy men have bad nose. And hair. No swim.
Swim, me. Swim far. Swim deep: Treasures.
Hard shell, sharp shell, shell-of-colours.
Bad fish. Bad fish, I kill.

I walk. Land: walk. Walk slow, careful.
Land is danger, strange.
Shaman say: land is big like ocean.
But ocean safe. Ocean me.

Childs. Boy-childs. Girl-childs. Many: they swim.
Good noses. My noses.
Soon they kill. And die, maybe.

Slim. Slim - bad man. Slim good nose.
Good nose good.
Bad man bad.
Boy childs, my childs, Slim childs play, fight
Hate Slim. Bad man Slim. Bad man, I kill.
Shaman say: good nose.
I say: bad man.
Shaman say: good nose bigger than bad.
Hate Slim.

Kill Slim, Kill. Rocks shells sharp ocean: me. Kill Slim.
Slim gone.
Slim bad man. I kill. Slim die.
Nose of mine bigger than bad.

Shaman say: no.
No childs. Not from me no more.
Not for her.
She say: go.
Shaman say go.
Go good?
Go on Big Swim.
Big Swim good. Big swim long.
No land.

I swim. All ocean, no land.
Big swim good.
Big fish.
Big fish bad.
Fight big fish. Kill.
Cold. Cold big fish bad.
Swim dark.
Swim light.
Eat small fish. Fight big fish.
Swim far. Big swim good. Swim deep.
No floor. Deep-ocean black.
Big swim bad.
Swim dark.
Swim light.
Swim. No land. No shaman. No childs.
Swim? Die?
Wave. Wave good. Wave make land.
Swim. Swim with wave.
Land. Sand. Wood. Fire. Hot fish.
Hot fish, good.
Big swim good. Hard, far.
Sleep good.

Voice. Shaman?
No shaman: woman. Woman voice. Woman.
Good-nose woman.

Hot fish good. Ocean good. Land good. Good-nose woman good.
Me good.
I kill