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Interactive Adventure:

Originally I was thinking of making 'Serial 2' interactive but my plans for it are too advanced now! Why one day soon I may even write the next part. So instead, I came up with a completely separate 'Interactive Adventure'. This ran pretty successfully for quite a while, with a handful of people voting on what the main character, Yooless (or 'Yoo' for short), should do next. Eventually I wrote myself into a bit of a tight spot, and the whole thing just stopped. Here is the story so far... perhaps one day it will carry on! I certainly hope so, which makes it quite likely.


Serial 1 (finished) parts 1 to 12 were sent as sigs in my e-mails from one date to another date, but the last part, 13, was just big and silly so I e-mailed it specially to anyone that wanted it. Serial 2 (unfinished) parts -1 to 2 were sent as sigs from one date to another date, but from thereon they weren't, they just appear here instead. Although I haven't written a new part for months years... These were very experimental in nature, and I was fairly pleased with the way the first one turned out in the end.

Short Stories:

I've written a whole bunch of short stories. Here are some of them.

God, Man and the Fly: In 1995, after reading a bunch of short stories I got annoyed at their misguided ideas of how meaningful and clever they were being, so I thought I'd write this parody. Unfortunately that kind of started me on the path that has eventually led me to write my own stories under the misguided impression that I am being meaningful and clever, but that can't be helped...

Deep Space: My first (okay, only) published story! A teacher noticed this in my rough-book in 1996, and asked for it to be included in the school magazine, and so it was! I didn't give it a title, but when it was published it was called 'Deep Space', since that was what we were learning about in the Physics lesson when it was 'discovered'.

Belli Stellorum: I didn't write this, someone else did, but he gave it to me for my 20th Birthday (which was in 1998). Not sure if he wants to be credited for it or not though...

Big Swim: Over the academic year 2000/2001, I attended a 'creative writing' evening class in Bristol. This was brilliant fun, and helped my writing to boot - I thoroughly recommend it. This here is one of the little stories I wrote in it that I was quite pleased with. Please note that it is completely different in style and content to the Serial adventures! It is much more of a meditative piece than I usually let people know I have written. And I think it definitely works better if I read it out - maybe one day you will find it here as an mp3 instead.

Plaidworld: Right, I'm getting really obscure now. Get hold of a copy of the Plaid album "Rest-Proof Clockwork" and read each chapter of this with its matching track number for the full experience! It also probably helps a bit if you've ever played a party-based RPG (or even know what I'm going on about in fact).