My Star Wars Collection

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Almost everyone has something that they feel strangely compelled to collect. For me, it's vintage Star Wars toys. The older and cheesier the better! My favourite items are the pop-up books, the funny-looking Dewback, and the Chewbacca-shaped candle - they're just so marvellously naff, yet cool at the same time!

Other notable items in my collection are:

A Star Wars Pinball Machine! A present for my 21st birthday. Highest score to date is 856 Million or so. I want to see what happens when I get a billion because it doesn't look as if it would fit on the dot matrix display... unfortunately it needs a lot maintenance to keep it running.
The Emperor's Shuttle in its box with everything! It is huge and it folds!
All of the original figures!! OK not really: I don't have weird stuff like Blue Snaggletooth, Red-coaked Bib, and the legendary firing-missile Boba Fett unpainted unobtainable figure. More seriously, I must admit that I am lacking Warok the ewok, but one day eBay will solve this.
Lego! Droid Developer Kit, Destroyer Droid, Battle Droid, Slave I, X-Wing and Darth's TIE-fighter, Y-Wing, Naboo Fighter, Speeder Bikes, Luke's landspeeder, A-Wing, Twin-pod cloud car, Endor things... gosh, how did that happen?
Loads of other stuff! Including playsets and 12" Boba Fett and loads and loads of bubble-bath containers (anyone need some of them, e-mail me!)

One day I'll upload the picture of it all...