Mornington Crescent

When I first heard this game I was baffled. After hearing it a few times on the radio program 'I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue', I felt I had a pretty firm grip on at least some of the rules, but couldn't see how it could be as intellectually stimulating or entertaining as people made it out to be. But when I actually played it, I found that this prediction was quite wrong.

If you've no idea how to play, then play with someone who does! Or if you can't find anyone, play here (darn, that link is now dead, and I can't find anywhere else that you can play). The AI will never quite match up to a human of course, but it still offers a pretty good game, and is able to play many different variations.

If you know exactly how to play, you might like to follow that link as well just to test your mettle. Otherwise if you see me around, do suggest a game of it, as I find it to be an enjoyable and eccentric little passtime.