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I like games! Not just any games though. I'm not keen on games in which the outcome is pretty much 100% determined by the fact that the longer you take to make a move, the better that move is likely to be. This effectively introduces an element of the 'Prisoner's Dilemma', with Co-operation being to move quickly and Defection slowly - and I prefer the Prisoner's Dilemma on its own.

I like games in which you have to be creative. I like games where you have to think a lot to work out what on earth is going on (not as in, 'why has he moved his Bishop there?', more like, 'why was 'jaguar' disallowed on a 2, when 'ocelot' was fine?')

So here are some of the games I like to play:

Mao          Dorking          Mornington Crescent          Prisoner's Dilemma          Lifegame