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   This page is devoted to pictures of the newest addition to the Mannveille clan, Strider (aka Spider) Mannveille!

   When we had this litter of puppies, we knew we wanted to keep a male one, and call him Strider. But which one? Originally, we thought it would be this little guy on the right, so he got named Strider. But slowly, the puppy then known as Gandalf worked his way into our hearts (see below)! As a puppy, he was much more laid-back than the others. Sleepy and affectionate, in puppy playfights he used what we called 'Gandalf-fu' to defend himself - he would extend a paw in the attacker's direction, and then lowered it to the ground slowly, as he curled back up for some more sleep!

Here he is about a month later. You can see here that he's reached the chewing phase, and is cuter than ever. This is about when we decided we would keep him instead of the puppy we had first chosen, and his name was changed from Gandalf to Strider! (The 'old' Strider found a home with a good family friend that lives nearby, and became Gimli).

Here he is between the ages of 6 and 9 months; growing up, playing with his brother Gimli and mum Misty:

<- Click here for an animated GIF showing his special jump-through-arms trick! (400KB file)

Follow this link to see a slideshow of Strider vs. a monkey puppet!