God, Man and the Fly Short Stories Main Page

There was man, who woke up with a fly on his nose. He had just dreamt that he was God, and was telling everyone what to be in their next life. The fly had woken him up.
He didn't like it.
He didn't like it
The man had a gun. It was a revolver which his friend had bought him from Venezuela, where they make the pencils.
He got out of bed, and the fly flew around him.
He got the revolver out of the drawer, and loaded it.
6 rounds. 6 bullets. 6 bangs.
The fly seemed to be heading towards the door.
The Man aimed.
BANG! a big hole appeared in the wall. The fly flew out the door.
The man followed it.
BANG! the window by the stairs suddenly broke. The fly flew out the hole.
The man ran outside, and followed the fly.
BANG! a shot in the air
He followed it down the road.
BANG! a gash in the tarmac.
The fly flew around and went the other way.
The man followed it.
BANG! a twig fell out of a tree.
The fly flew down and landed on it.
The man walked up to the fly.
The fly didn't move
The man aimed at the fly.
The fly
Last round.
The fly was killed and got re-incarnated as the policeman who arrested the Man.